Bakersfield Plumbing Co. Inc.

About Us

Bakersfield Plumbing Company, Inc. was established locally in 1910. Historically, it ranks as one of Bakersfields oldest yet finest businesses that has consistently continued through the years, leading our community as the leader in the plumbing area. For 105 years, Bakersfield Plumbing Company has specialized in providing its customers with the best solutions to their plumbing needs. As a member of the better Business Bureau (BBB) since 1954, we continue to strive to hold our rank in merit in providing a full line of self and repair plumbing.

Our Core Values


Company Overview

112 years serving Bakersfield residents, understanding of complete plumbing system in water, gas, and drains. Our local knowledge and commitment is part of our mission to be Bakersfield premier plumbing company noted for serving our customers with pride and integrity through our work performances.